so i just bought this marshall jackhammer and im running it into a clean amp tone. Any setting suggestions for a metal/death metal tone, kind of along the lines of ozzy, or Black label?
Use the distortion setting. Set the controls fairly high, and set the contour frequency around 2 o'clock or thereabouts.

I don't know if it's a strong enough pedal to make that kind of heavy sound by itself, everyone I know uses it to tighten distortion - I use mine over a crunchy setting to get a Peter Green type tone.

What amp are you running?
Im running a small Crate amp (about 15-20 watt). but im soooo close to getting that half stack. probably a line 6 or crate
Yeah if that amp you're so close to getting is a Spider half-stack then cancel that plan now!
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line 6 or crate isnt the concrete decision yet! my price range is 400-600 dollars. i haven't tried out any amps yet, just trying to save money right now. Besides, we were talking about the jackhammer, rember!!