Okay so recently i've been using Ernie Balls 10-46 slinkys. But now the shop has started to put the strings behind the desk so we have to ask for them, instead of just picking them.. soo.. What the hell do i ask for it?

Do i like say: Hi, I want Ernie ball 10 to 46 strings, got any?
or: I need Ernie Ball strings, 0.10 to 0.46?

or what the hell?

Haha thanks for helping.

Just say "Do you have any Ernie Ball 10s?"


"Do you have any Ernie Ball regular slinkys?"

But I would recommend this-

"Do you have any D'Addario 10s?"
Got any slinky balls? I would sure like a 10er to wind down. That should get their attention.
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