Sure, everybody knows Clapton's covers of his songs After Midnight and Cocaine that Clapton has popularized. Cale is one my most favorite musicians. I'm just crazy about his first five albums which exemplify brilliant songwriting, fine guitar work and unique sense of rhythm. He influenced such renown guitarists as Knopfler and Clapton and others. Are you listening to JJ?
I always liked Same Old Blues, which Skynyrd covered. I think he's one of those guys that just had alot of his songs ripped up by other bands. Good stuff, but I really don't know too much of him, other than his work through other artists.
Yes, criminally underrated, give him a try and you'll see. Those performers wouldn't cover a bad man.
JJ Cale maintains a low profile, meanwhile the Knopfler's style is based on his.
Yea, JJ is totally low profile. I dont think he likes to perform/tour at all. Hell of a songwriter though.
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Yea, JJ is totally low profile.

Yeah, compared with... I don't know... that of Steelies (Steely Dan), probably?
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he also wrote "Call Me the Breeze", which was famously covered by Skynyrd, if I'm not mistaken.
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I hadn't heard of him till the 2004 Crossroads Festival DVD.

I have The Road to Escondido and it is very good.