hi could anyof you list some eays tabs for a begginer please ive just started and i dont no any begginer ones please thanks.
green day- brain stew, it does not get any easier
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smoke on the water, iron man, come as you are, smells like teen spirit, brain stew
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Well I don't know about solos but how about that Smoke on the Water riff. It's like...impossible.


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I'm not really sure what kind of music you're into, but these threads may help you find an easy song that you like.

Tabs For Begginers

Solos For Begginers

I hope you find something in there that you like. If you have any more questions or need help with something then you're welcome to send me a message.
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thanks m8 im just looking threw them.

i am teaching my self do you have any advice for me.

thanks (y)