Okay so I went to Guitar Center the other day for a whammy bar and all they had were Fender brand. I don't have a Fender but I thought I'd try it out and see if it fits or not. So I asked the guy "Hey can I see that whammy bar?" and he said "Mexican or American?" and for five minutes I was like and then he said "Is your Fender a Mexican or an American?" and I was still confused because I don't have a ****ing Fender and I don't know what kind it would be. So I said "I'll go check and come back" and of course I didn't. Does this mean they only work for Fenders? I know it's kind of a stupid question but whatever.
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soo u just left... way to solve problem
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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If they have your guitar at the store, try them out on it and see if either fit. If they don't have your guitar, then just bring it in to try it out. The problem is that the threads are different from the Mexican to American.
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soo u just left... way to solve problem

I was going to say the same.
yeah i would probably just rty it out like that guy said to do.
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What are you, 6 years old? Why didn't you just explain you dont have a fender and were wondering if it would work? None of us can tell you if it fits, especially seeing as you havn't told us what guitar you have.