If a instal a bigsby b3 on my gibson les paul studio, it will stay in tune? Or not? Someone have already do that?Thanks.
Oh ok , but someone didn't change the original tuner and put a bigbsy?
with a good bigsby (an original one) it will stay pretty good in tune, i don´t think you´ll have any problems
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I did... It works pretty well if you don't use it to much and if you take your time to learn how to play it so it stays in tune...
Cool thanks, i will install one pretty soon on my gibson les paul studio
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Also, it is easy to install one? Like the b3?

i think it is

the trick is to put the strap pin end screws on first, then tighten the strings so it gets pulled towards the neck, then screw the top screws in

theyre mainly asthetic though, dont expect dive bombs and such
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