anyone else doing this Physics AS coursework at the moment?
the practical for our coursework was rolling a marble down a curved ramp and measuring the distance it travelled/speed it travelled at the end of the ramp

I have just done all the tables and graphs, but I have NO idea what to write for the introduction or anything else for that matter...

thats all the information I actually have, can anyone help me out?
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As far as AS coursework goes, I can give you one tip: Throw in all the detail you can. Even the thing's colour. Everything.

Seriously. You need to.
what ur trying to find out?
discuss the results (i,e, state them)
then what that means, how variables affected it
what conclusions can u draw...what would u do differently nxt time, anomolies and accuracy etc

use ur brain

u must have the marble size, diameter, mass??
length of the ramp etc, gradient of it
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