I play the banjo and am much better at it than guitar. On banjo you typically anchor your ring and pinkie for everything to have a stable platform for finger picking. I'm learning the pentatonic scales right now and am finding that by anchoring ring and pinkie (same as banjo) that I can play more stably and not miss strings as much. Is this a bad habit to get into? I have seen some other guitar players anchor. Thanks
Id have to say its personal preference, although a lot of people saying anchoring will hurt your speed, there are great players that play each way.
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some say you feel more tense when anchoring and that it may lead to some problems later on, but if you feel relaxed and you feel that its an advantage, go ahead. Even Michael Angelo Batio anchors.
It's generally regarded as a bad habit. Try searching for "anchoring" in the advanced techniques forum. There have been many threads with heated debates about this.
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Even Michael Angelo Batio anchors.

I just got Batio's Speed Kills DVD last weekend but have not had the chance to watch it yet.
Learn to pick without anchoring first to train your wrist and arm muscles.

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Anchor all you want... it won't really make a difference. It can hurt your speed a little at first, but once you play a bit (and you have) that way, even on a different instrument, you'll be much cleaner.
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