how do you do this?
here's an example:

b- bend
h-hammer on
p- pull off

If you want to use the best technique, here's a suggested breakdown:

Pick the A string, then tap hard and hold with the first finger of your left hand at the fifth fret position, then with your pinky (or third if you have large hands) on the 8th fret position.

Do the same, but with your third finger on the 7th fret of the D string.

Pick the 7 on the D

Pick and stay at the fifth fret of the D and tap&hold hard on the 7th fret, then "sweep" your finger off while holding the fifth.

Pick the 10-9-7-7 on the A string

The 9b is tricky, more so than the pull-offs. With tabs, you'll have to know how that riff sounds to know how far to bend.
Your left hand technique will be the same, whether you use one finger or three to bend the string. However your right will be different.
To execute the 9b (harmonic) you need to grip your pick in your right thumb and SECOND finger. Extend your first finger and touch the string as you pick the string (bending the 9 in your left hand). This creates the effect of an open harmonic (such as the 7th 12th fret). Try this until you get an octave higher in your sound.

It also looks as if that 10-9-7-7 might also be harmonic. I don't recognize the riff so you'll have to listen for it. Same principle though.

My fingering is certainly not required, you should experiment with your hands. I'd also recommend the harmonic and bending tutorials before you resort to a step-by-step analysis.

Hope this helps, good luck and happy playing.
^ i would actually suggest tapping the harmonic with your middle finger. with a little practice its not anymore difficult than your first finger and you don't have to switch your pick hand around.