Im not 100% sure how Ceriatone 36 Watt amps work, but if i want Good Overdrive sound im guessing i should buy a OD Pedal so i dont have it at high volume ALL the time. Im thinking about an Ibanez Tube Screamer or a Boss OD-1. Which one is best?
Do you mean Boss OD-1 as in those discontinued Japanese ones?
They don't sell those anymore, just the OD-3's and SD-1's. If you could find one though then hell yeah, they're sex.
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Ill check out some of these Suggestions. most of the pedals i hear aobut are distortion pedals so i was at a Bit of a Loss for OD

How much do CMatmods cost?
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K thanks. i listned to the Sound clip of it, and it sounds good

A local guitar player whom I am friends with used one on stage for a gig... it sounded miraculous! it can go from sort of a clean boost, to an extreme overdrive (this thing has gain on tap!) and it is also more transparent and less fizzy than say, an OCD
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Cmatmods.com Signadrive
Homebrew Power squealer
Fulltone OCD

Boss and Ibanez's asses have just been kicked

Thanks man, I knew I'll never stop learning new things. I was set on an OCD but that Signadrive sound spretty bad ass.
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