I have an Ibanez with an Edge III, and the tuning keeps going flat. The strings are a few months old (I don't have the money to change them a lot). I tune it up, then after about a week, the whole guitar hovers somewhere between E and Eb. The guitar stays in tune with itself.

I use guage 9 strings so theres 3 spring in the back, and I don't use the trem. Here are some pics that I think might help-

Back cavity-

Top of the Bridge-

Trem angle-

I was thinking a while ago, would a tremol-no solve the problem?

Let me know if any more pics/info are needed. Help is much appreciated.

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If you don't use the trem, just go ahead and get a standard stopbar. The springs' tension will almost always detune any guitar, especially the cheaper ones.
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