Is there any reason to use barre chords or power chords/intervals above the 12th fret? Thanks
to get chords that sound higher?
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only in very rare circumstances, otherwise just play it a string up. then it would sound higher.
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personally i think they sound a bit **** unless you have jumbo frets
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Well, if you're doing a power chord with a root fret 10, I would just go up past 12 if you need to rather than going all the way back down the neck and playing it up a string. This of course, is only if your guitar is shaped properly to do power chords or barré chords that far up the neck...
I just learned Self Esteem by Offspring and the way I learned it includes a barre chord on the 13th fret which is a real bitch.

And one time I tried a song for my girlfriend that had capo on 9th fret and Fs in it, and that just wasn't happening because my fingers are too big to cram onto the smaller frets that high up ><