Hey everyone

I am a 4th year Industrial Design student currently working on a project to redesign the electric guitar case to include an amp and speakers to improve the tiresome task transporting all the equipment.
I have examined the 1960's Danelctro/Silvertone amp-in-case models (http://www.vintagesilvertones.com/forsale_dano-1449ampincase.html)and have come to the conclusion that this concept could be greatly improved by incorporating some of the incredible technology we have today. Making it lighter, louder and better to listen to and look at.

I am looking for any advise on this topic as well as some ideas and things to consider. I am a passionate player myself but my technical understanding is a bit lacking , so simple explinations will help me out a bit more. Any clues to where I could find compact, low-profile equipment would also be a huge help.

Thanks very much..your input will be greatly appreciated.
Sorry, but it will sound bad.
You would have to use a relatively small speaker, and you wouldn't have much room for the circuit board and pots and whatnot.
Just not feasable i say.
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I guess it would be pretty helpful telling everyone how far i've got.
So far I have done a lot of research. Trying to gain as much insight and knowledge as i can into the all the areas this project involves such as:
How does all the equipment work.
What distiguishes good amps/speakers from others.
How to create desirable sound/tone. (speakers/enclosures)
Guitar case manufacturing (light & strong materials/technologies)
& importantly, what do guitarists really want out of their equipment. (highly debated subject)
I have found that the information I can gather off the internet is seamingly endless. That's why I would like some direct feedback on the topic from people who know what they're talking about. Anything on the areas mentioned above that could specifically help out with this project would be of great assistance.
On the design side, I have drawn up a few interesting concepts, but without knowing the exact type of components i'll be using it is hard to make any design concrete. So defining the components first will give me my design constraints sooner. I am working towards using a small, good quality practice amp that would give a good sound for private playing or for gigging when played through a mic and PA system. I am also aiming to allow it to cater for various guitar models, either by using different inner molds or by using a clever strapping system.
Well thats it so far..
I am very open to any advise or things you think i could consider.
Ask some people in the Guitar Building & Customizing forum, some know alot about circuits and such.
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I think this can work. If done properly.
The speaker must be atleast a 12 inch to achieve desired frequencies and response and some tubes as well. I'm thinking more or less a case thats attatched to a 112 amp, dig?
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Sorry, but it will sound bad.
You would have to use a relatively small speaker, and you wouldn't have much room for the circuit board and pots and whatnot.
Just not feasable i say.

Those original Silvertones actually sound pretty good, and people are paying in excess of $300-400 for Fender Champ's and their 6" speakers, so someone's happy with that speaker size.

The speaker is obviously the biggest problem, though, especially if you want to go bigger. I'd look to have it designed to operate with the case closed (closed case - closed back amp, open case - open back), with the amp controls on the outside of the case. Maybe under a separate hard flap if you want it protected as well. I'd put tilt back legs on the ends of the case like some vintage Fenders:

I'd be more inclined to go with a tube amp, but it sounds like you're after a modeler, which isn't a bad idea. Roland packs a lot of amp into a small space with it's Microcube, and I'm sure you could rearrange the components of that amp to fit into a case pretty comfortably. I think that's how I'd get started - taking apart a Microcube.
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You could get a cheap modeling amp and put that in some part of the case. You would also need to figure out how to protect the speaker from getting smashed in.

You would also need to find a space to put the speaker, which is going to be the hardest. You would lose a lot of space inside the cash if you did, but you could try and get a really big case to have more room.

If you buy a modeling amp and decide to put it in, pretty much everything will already be wired. You'll just have to take the amp apart and somehow install all the parts in logical places on/in the case.
I didn't catch if this was intended for gigging (not likely to be successful) or just for "whatever" playing.

I do like the idea. In fact, I love to invent things.

The Roland MicroCube would be a good candidate. It is very tiny and even so, there must be a lot of extra space inside it. Plus, it sounds very nice for the size.

Good luck,

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I reckon its a wicked idea for busking. You'd only have to take a case and you'd have amp abd guitar in one package.

Should be in GB&C though. You'll probably get more help there
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If you're less worried about how thin the case would be, you could get away with a full sized speaker. Just make the case really thick around the speaker, and from there a tube head with horizontally-mounted tubes would be thin enough to fit in the lid.

If that would get too heavy, you could add wheels to the bottom and pull it along like a luggage cart. That would also fit really well if you were planning on leaning it back when playing.

end result might look like this

|  |
|  |
|  |
|  |__
|      |
|      |