So I bought a Taylor 614ce that will be here Wednesday, I can't wait! This is my first "very nice" guitar. My last guitar was a $400 Art and Lutherie (did the job for the first few years).

My question is about what I need to do to properly care for this guitar. I mean I'm spending around $2000 so I want to keep it in the best shape possible.

Any recommendations?
Keep it in it's case and mind your humidity. Other than that, good common sense should serve it well.

And congrats on the new guitar.
ya i got it used, but excellent condition. as opposed to like 2800 at guitar center or something like that.

as for humidity what do i need to do to ensure proper humidity and whatnot. Just stick one of those little things in my case....not sure what it's called.
a humidifier is the word you're looking for.

get a humidifier and a hydrometer(a humidity measuring device). keep your guitar between 45% to 55%(although... 40%-60% wont really hurt your guitar either)

other than that... give your fretboard a good cleaning every now and then(once or twice a year) and make sure that you wipe off your guitar after you play it. use a 100% cotton cloth.
i prefer the micro fiber but 100 percent cotton shouldnt scratch the finish congrats. Hope you enjoy your taylor saving up for a dn3 or a ga3 almost there wow i was gonna buy a prs now thisll be my second taylor cant wait and this thread is useless without pics lol