Never been a fan of danelectro they look crappy to me.
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In that price range, no other guitars compare. Danelectros sound awesome (and very unique) and are generally constructed well (despite the use of cheap materials). A good set up is key. I personally think the black double-cuts look mean.
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If it's any comfort to you, Jimmy Page used Danos like that one for Kashmir live. So it can't be bad, right? Besides, wood has less of an effect on tone than you might expect.
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Masonite equals plywood, but that's what makes its sound so unique. Once my rig is complete and I have another 200 euros to toy around with, I'll probably buy one.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
I bought one of those from there, It has an excellent chimey sound and was set up pretty well too, and plays really nicely i'd say go for it, i think its the best value electric 12-string out there.
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