I was in music today when my teacher told me that if you watch the Wizard of Oz whilst listening to the entire of Pink Floyd-The Dark Side of the Moon it is apparently A) hilarious and B) scarily in sequence to the film.

Anyone here tried that? Anyone going to try it? Any other similar anacdotes?
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I wonder who tried that
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Well basically she used to work in a CD store and they were playing the new DVD of Wizard of Oz (had to be on silent for liscence stuff) and they had the album over the top. Apparently some customers stayed for the whole film!.
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i know this sounds stupid but...
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I wonder who tried that

People who were on something...
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It's called "The Dark Side of the Rainbow." There have been quite a few threads on it.

Some of the parts that "line up" are, for example, "Any Colour You Like" playing when Dorothy gets to Oz, and the screen changes from black & white to color.
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Yes, it's true. You can search google video for this particular version of Wizard of Oz with DSOTM playing in the background.

But I haven't seen the whole thing myself .
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Yeah, it syncs up quite well in some places. It's pretty creepy. You can actually buy it all synced up on DVD or just simply youtube it.


Oh, I found the site that has a TON of different movie syncs. I haven't checked out any of the others though...

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i did it with just the cd and the movie, it was pretty good. at least the music was better than the actual movie. some parts of it do seem really uncanny though. its worth checking out, even if it is only the power of suggestion.
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I've heard about it, but haven't seen it yet. I guess it really is worth checking out then.
Ah cool, sorry if its old guys, just thought if she was telling the truth or not, she tends to twist the truth a lot, such as when our final exam is

I mean, haha its not only 6 weeks away!

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i know this sounds stupid but...
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I think that the whole thing is in one piece in video google if you want to check it out.

My friends sister did that. I saw some of it and it was pretty interesting