Im looking for someone to help me with some research, that i feel is significant to the science and artistic community.

what i am looking for is someone who.....

-can play guitar very well with creative improvisation and wide range of playing styles.
-has a web cam or digital camera for video/audio recording.
-someone preferable 18 years of age or older.
-willing to express yourself to an audience of online people via youtube. though you may use a fake name or even cover your face.
-willing to subject themselves to drug testing.

PM me if you feel interested to help.
If you dont find theory interesting, then DONT study it. IF your TRULY serious about playing guitar(enjoying), then EVENTUALLY you WILL WANT to study it.
I'll do everything there except for drugs.
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This is very vague. You're asking someone to do all this for you, but you aren't saying exactly what for, you're just expecting it. I can recommend someone who's amazing and actually enjoys anything that may gain an amount of publicity, but what exactly are you doing? Trying to show that drugs do or don't inspire creativity?
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