I want to pay someone to install a pickup in my acoustic guitar. What would be a good place for this. Can guitar center do this?
Any professional music store would be good. GC is ok but I recomend shopping around.
I have a soundhole pickup mic thingy(not sure what it's actually called) it's made to just hang in your soundhole so you don't have to drill a hole into your guitar to plug it in
My choice for all of my acoustics is Fishman. There are better systems available, but the costs can become prohibitive very quickly. Fishman makes quality pre-amps that are dependable, predictable, and reasoinably priced. I actually bought three brand new Fishman pre-amps (all including on-board tuners) for about $40 each on ebay. IMHO it is well worth it to have such a system professionally installed. Having said that, installation is pretty straight forward and requires no special tools. Most of the soundhole, clip-on set ups I've heard miss the mark regarding tone and acoustic harmonic reproduction. Plan on spending around $100 for the Fishman pre-amp and approximately $75. to have a pro install it. My strong suggestion is to stay the heck away from Guitar Center. They are not known for great service.