Yo guys, I'm posting here in the hopes that you can help me out with my little dilemma. Oh, I play primarily metal by the way.

Basically, as the thread title implies, I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, but i'm kinda sick of the stock pickups. I'd really love to get some active pups in there, but the cost of having all the routing and stuff done is beyond what I can be bothered to spend on such a guitar.

So, i'm looking at passive pups (duh!). I'm currently thinking of something such as Seymour Duncan Invaders at the moment. Due to the genre of music I tend to play, I want something with a decent output.

The first of my questions is this: Would you guys recommend this pup, or is there something better out there for around the same(ish) price range?
Secondly: If I was to go with the Duncans, would I be able to place the shiny gold pickup covers on them without affecting my tone / getting feedback? Also, would it be difficult to put the covers on these pups?

Thanks for taking the time to help, I just wanna get this stuff right :P
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Invaders are terrible pickups.
Also, they can't take those covers, the pole pieces on them are too big.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about upgrading your pickups. You won't get much of a tonal improvement by changing them.

Why? Your amp. If you don't like your tone, your Spider is the problem. Your amp is far more influential in your tone than pickups.
Yeah, i've heard both good and bad things about the Invaders. Any other options I might consider should I decide to go ahead and replace the pups anyways?
Amp-wise, however, I actually mainly play through my Marshall AVT-50 with a Boss MT-2 for distortion... mind you, thats probably not much better than the Spider :P

I guess i'll just have to start looking at a decent high-gain amp...
This relatively blank space indicates my failure to find or come up with an amusing comment or statement.
I would recommend you took forsaknazrael's advice! But if you are still set on pickups, I would recommend you had a look at bare knuckes pickups. I am presume you are in the US, so i'm not sure you can get them over there though...
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check out irongear pickups if you are in the uk. i got a pair for £25 each delivered. theyre awesome and come in a few different flavours too...
Thank you please.