i through this together from a few ideas. People fromy my school say its alright, just wondering what you guys think.

Tired of waiting

Tired of waiting
So tired of you Chorus
I just wanna go my own way
But im still in love with you


I saw you in the school grounds
I saw you in my dreams Verse 1
But the girl i saw, she looks around
And she’s looking straight at me


I want you here
by my side Verse 3
But I saw your tear
and I knew you lied


Was I wrong to care
About you
Was I wrong to love

(Guitar solo comes in quietly at first)
Outro (repeat last 2 lines of chorus in the background)
Thanks for that ill keep tht in mind and try and rewrite it. (c4c?)
I would have to agree. It's very cliché and kind of had me singing "Tired of Waiting For You" by Green Day. I see too many songs that are like this, but I won't completely put you down. It needs work, but if you put your heart into it, it will be good. I say just rethink your entire thought process, and maybe see if you can incorporate elements you've never tried before, or for that matter, seen from, other's work. I know you can do it, but I just couldn't identify with this as is.

If you want, perhaps comment my song lyrics I plan to put up sometime today. For your info, it will probably be called "Cue". Thanks.