Elixers got me used to gliding over strings really smoothly and quickly but when i tried Martins Sps theres a noticable finger squeak...

Any other strings than elixirs that are know for less finger squeak?
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I wanna know now too. I don't really get it but it does get annoying when it happens
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Cleartones are better than Martins for squeak, but they are not as good as elixirs in that regard. However, they seem to more prone to breaking. I miss my elixirs from the feel and squeak aspects, but I don't miss the breakage...

I'm still looking for the perfect solution. (aren't we all though... )
As far as I'm concerned, coated strings have no equal to uncoated strings. I have yet to find a coated string that doesn't sound dead and lack any depth whatsoever. So, my vote goes to D'Addario's Flat Tops.
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for me, coated strings sound soulless. not too much depth to them. i've tried elixirs and d'addario exps. i dont like the sound of either that much. Martin SPs are where it's at. even WITH the squeak.
Chad - I see where you are coming from. The Cleartones definitely sound more like uncoated strings compared to elixirs, but they squeak more. Give a little to get a little, I guess.

I'll try your D'd Flattops next, though - I just put some electric D'ds on my T5 and like them, but that's a bit of a different animal, I think...