I have the Windsor half stack, and I was playing on it. Then it released a huge farting noise that was really damn loud and thats only sound i'm getting, and its doing it even at 0 volume. The tubes are running proper, no burning smell, and they're still on just fine when on stand by. When I turn it off standby the tubes act normal and I just get the horrendous noise from the cabinet. I'm thinking I blew a speaker.

Anyone else have a diagnosis?
probably cable that wasn't in all the way or something
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sounds either like power amp or most likely speaker - take it somewhere to try with another cab

i dont know what you expect people to do or say other than take it somewhere to get a problem fixed

though like this bloke says above me - i really hope you have checked simple things like cables before posting this
Do you have a recording of the farting noise? haha

But seriously, if you have one I want to hear it.
Oh it was hysterical, it was like a slow really long fart, that wouldnt stop. It stopped all of a sudden. Cables were fine, everything was hooked in correctly. It kept doing it after I checked all of that, and now i just went away. I don't get it, but I'll take it.
how is the electric supply and grounding - ive had some terrible sounds like that!

note to self: never use an 18v ac supply on a dc pedal!!! argh - though it wasnt labeled
Well its near alot of electronics in my room, though that just usually makes some uneccessary hum. Its right into a wall outlet, the grounding should be ok as well. It was just really weird, it made a pop then the farting started. Every time I would flip it off stand by it would continue its flatulence, and now I just flicked it off standby and nothings wrong.

Blown speaker sounds accurate, a 'farting' sound is usually associated with blown speakers.
Well, if i heard a sound from my amp like you described, i would immediately turn the amp off. And yes, it sounds like a blown speaker.
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