Hey guys, I've checking out this forum for a few days, made a couple posts, and just realized that I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Jomo and I am addicted to guitars. I have been out of it for the last 10 years (long story) but I've been bitten by the bug once again. Thank God that I didn't sell my guitars but rather had them stored all this time (climate controlled w/ strings loosened). I'm not the best guitar player in the world by any stretch but I love playing/collecting guitars. I have a Les Paul, two Teles (one American, one squire "obey"), a Squire strat, two Takamini acoustics, a 1964 Gibson J-45 acoustic, a 1941 National lap steel, 30 watt line 6 spider, small Marshall practice amp, and an old banjo.
Thanks for having me.
shouldn't this be in the "first post" section? sure, it's not your first, but i won't tell if you don't
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and an old banjo.

You are my hero! Always wanted to learn one of those! I even got offered a free one for helping this guy move, it was amazing just to look at, was all chromed up, with like half the fretboard had to be like pearl or something, this thing was glamorous! Unfortunately was not that musically inclined at the time and denied the offer and instead took his large eagle wood carving..... That now sits on my wall, wings spread, ever staring, all the time!
Ha ha, good one. It's the first two initials of my first and last name. Nickname since I was kid.
Hello The Jomo!
Welcome to UG

There is a thread stickied to the top of this forum just for introductions like this one. Feel free to introduce yourself there as well. We're glad to have you with us and we hope that you have a great time on the site.

If you don't quite understand something or have a question that needs to be answered, then you're more than welcome to send me a message and I'll try to help you as best as I can.

Word of advice: Beware of The Pit. It can be brutal! You may want to hang around for a while and watch what goes on in The Pit before actually posting in there. Some of the members can be rude if they don't like what someone posts.
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