ok well i have looked arounda bit and havent found another thread about skateboarding. sorry if there is.

This is a thread where you can ask questions about boards, skating, tricks, skaters, etc... No flaming anything or anyone in skateboarding.
i can tre.

edit: almost makes sick ass boards btw.
fo life.
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Every week, there is a new 'official skateboarding thread.'

Anyhoo, who is stoked for the new Fallen video, to be aired this Spring. The trailer is out, on Thrasher's website.
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I used to be very good at skateboarding, but I broke my foot and got out of shape and all of my friend's lives started to become controlled by drugs, so I had nobody to skate with. Then I picked up a guitar and it's all good now.
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I've been tryin to get back into skateboarding recently. It was my life for about 6 years then I kinda got out of it for a year and now I suck ass, which makes it really hard to start up again. Plus my board is an old piece of crap.

Plan B vid should be awesome. I hate Sheckler though he's a biitch. PJ Ladd and Ryan Gallant!!
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