Am looking at the boss gt8 however i've heard the analogue multi pedals are better, is this true? What are peoples opinions on multi effects pedals? Thanks
Its almost impossible to find a multi effects pedal capable of producing the high quality sound of a analog single effects pedal (the best if you wanna fork up the chaching!)

Multieffects save you mostly space and can be fun to play with. Great place to start learning about the effects and from that you could easily decide what you really want for single effects pedals and also multieffects offer great opportunities to learn how to tweak the sounds to your liking!
analogs are better... but for people on a tight budget a gt8 is just perfect... getting a lot of pedals and pedalboards and stuff can be quite expensive... but if you have the money and you dont need many effects, just buy the effects ure going to use
I like multi effectpedals to just f*ck around. you can get any effect you want so it's great if you if you just discoverd a knew song with a strange effect. for gigs a like single effectpedals more. cause I think it's easier @ a show. and most of the time, they sound better than a multi effectpedal
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Stands to reason - BOSS aren't going to be selling the single units for £70 and the multis for £150 if the multi units are going to be just as good. But for the average guitarist on a budget they are a good buy - you can flog it later once you know what kind of FX you like.

Also - the GT8 isn't really a dedicated FX unit... It can be used as one but it's more of an amp modeler/direct recording solution (like a POD). If you don't need amp models look at something like a ME-50. If you want amp models look at the PODx3 Live and the Vox Tonelab (there's probably more) as well.
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If you want a more vintage sound, then you have to go analogue. Analogue pedals are mostly tube driven, as opposed to digital pedals which use synthisized sounds. Multi effects are generally not as high quality as compact pedals, but you might not want to carry around a whole bunch of effects all seperate. I know people who are very happy using a Boss or Vox Effects lab and a wah, and this is the cheaper option, I however prefer compacts.