Me and my friends have two electric guitars, two acoustics(NOT electric-acoustic), one 10 watt amp, one bass with a miniamp that plugs into speakers, and a drum set between us. Pretty weak equipment..

Anyways we're meeting up soon to play together, and to see how things work out. So what else do we need?
I'm planning on buying an acoustic pickup and having my friends each buy their own amps for guitar and bass. I think if we're just playing in a garage, 10 watt practice amps should should be fine? And other than that, we'd still need a PA system for my friend who wants to sing. I have some crappy microphones, but I think we would need speaker cabinets and a mixer right?

So do you guys have any advice on what equpiment we should buy?
And what about acoustic pickups? I don't want to spend much more than 60-ish dollars on one, but are there any worth buying in that price range? Thanks.
What if I just buy this? Would it be enough for the singer? We just want to practice right now, to see if things would work out.
1. would 10 watt bass/guitar amps be loud enough to hear over drums in a garage environment?
2. would buying the monitor speaker cabinet above and having microphones be enough for the singer to be heard over the guitar, bass, and drums?
3. what's a good acoustic pickup for a reasonable price?
a dean markley acoustic pickup can cost bout 50 bucks at guitar center, and i dont think a 10 watt practice amps gonna cut it, 60 watts with a drum sets still a little weak
^ A 60 watt solid state maybe...but a 30 wat tube can compete with a drum set.
wow a 10 watt in a garage wouldn't be able to compete with the drums? i kind of thought that a 10 watt would suffice. is it because you normally don't push your amp to be at max volume? I find that when i turn my amp all the way up it sounds terrible and picks a lot of excess noise and sounds super sharp and twangy when i pick, whereas maybe 1/2 or 3/4 volume sounds pretty nice. I only have a 10 watt marshall amp only. Is that the case with everyone else's amps? And if you were using a 60 watt solid state, would it have to be turned all the way up to be heard over the drums?

and can anybody please help me with the PA system question? Thanks.
My friends Roland cube 60 (which is solidstate) Is plenty loud.
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