Is the overdrive/distortion sounds from the G2 good when played live? I have a Randall RG75DG3 and I want a multieffect pedal. And the sound I want is early Metallica (Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, ...And Justice For All)

I've heard sometimes when amps are played loud with overdrive they have a sharp, bad sound.
No. Trust me, I have one.

The effects are okay (minus the wah) but the distortion sucks. It's really fizzy and muddy. The thing you heard about amps isn't true (unless you have a solid state, but then the same applies if you get your distortion from a pedal), infact most people would recommend using your amp's built in overdrive over a pedal.
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I have the pedal too, and I can agree with everything weemansyndrome said.
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I've got one too, the od/distortion is pretty shabby at high volumes. It has nice flange and pitchshifter in my opinion though.
Ok, I've edited the Ed (Extreme Distortion) on it and it sounds almost exactly like the sound on Kill 'Em All. And when I play on a low volume the sound is amazing, but when I turn the master on my amp up and I play I get these sharp, bad sounds:S