Hey guys, I've found a guy on craigslist who is looking to sell his jcm2000 tsl602, and in the store the other day one of the amps I prefered was the jcm2000 head with a 1960a cab so I figured I would go play his 212 combo tsl602 and see what I thought because I think the price is reasonable.

Traditionally I've been a bass player and this is my first rig I'll be buying but I know to go tube but I struggle with EQing to get sounds that I want so I was wondering what kinds of EQ settings I should play with to see what the amp can do. I play an Epiphone LP Custom Silverburst which I just recently bought, stock pickups.

Also, anything to look for on the amp as far as what I should be weary of. He's made it clear there are cosmetic flaws, rips in tolex and a tear in the grill, but insists its fully functional, so I just want some ideas to test this... Thanks a lot, I appreciate the input

gain 10, treble 10, bass 10, mids 0 for br00tal tonez

but seriously I'd like to leave mids on 5, and treble on 6 and move the bass from 6-8 with gain from 6-9 on ultra gain
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