weird place to do this, but i have some nice guild wars accounts i need to get rid of. There are 2 accounts linked together through a main PlayNC account.

the first is soso. It has prophecies, factions, and nightfall, with the factions prerelease and the nightfall prerelease. It has a ranger with 15k armor and is ALMOST RANK 3! just a few fame away. It can run most ranger builds and has almost all ranger skills unlocked.

The second acount is the better one. it is RANK 6.
It has a warrior decked out with FULL FoW armor and multiple 15k sets.
prophecies, factions (pre release too), nightfall (pre release too), and eye of the north.
there is a monk with a 15k set, assassin with 15k, and a ranger with 15k.
over 80% skills have been unlocked in all classes total!!!!
there are multiple amazing items for each character and over 200k in storage.

i will provide any further details if asked.

these accounts cost over 300 just to purchase the games and expantions.

pm me if you are interested, dont comment if you arent. thanks for reading.
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