alright i need help from you guys. should i get a hardshell case or a gig bag? im going to be taking my guitar to ma cousins and band practice. i just dont no which one to get because i also want to get a distortion pedal(metal muff). so please help me thanks!!
What kind of guitar do you have? Would you care all that much if it got a minor dent or scratch? Will you need to save up for a while to get that metal muff?
i got 115 bucks. my guitar is a bc rich virgin and i just got it and would care if it got dented or chipped.
if you do care,then get the hardshell.
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You'll be fine with a gig bag, a long as you're careful. Don't put it near anything that could potentially fall on it or anything and you'll be fine.
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get a hardshell case. if you're going to be transporting your guitar around and care about it, the hardshell is a prerequisite.

before we get into what kind of pedal you should aim at, what kind of amp are you using? and if you can't afford a new pedal after purchasing the case, the course is clear, WORK FOR MORE MONEY!
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