i was unsure where to put this so i figured the kind people here will point me to the right section....anywho me and my friends started a band, we have alot of crazy good chunks of music but our problem is putting the chunks together to make a song out of it. we studied and studied our favorite bands, even some we dont like, and just couldnt figure out how they do it. Please help...thanks as always for any and all replies
song writing isnt just about putting music together and hopign it works
take your time, work REALLY hard on ALL licks
if you have an insperation in your life USE IT
thats how the pros do it,
its all about insparation
just take it slow and you'll write something great
the best thing to do is to have a good idea and work on it during a practice
i would advise listning to song structures of other bands, but you've got to watch out you dont steal ideas.
if you take your time, good music will come to you
get the dfferent chunks and work with them separately
dont try to combine al of them into one song
try to make different songs
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Look into classical music: learn about motifs, ostinato, the whole package basically. Stay in key, be creative, and of course, don't limit yourself.
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