Hi everyone, I have a question about pickups. I was thinking of putting 2 Dimarzio pickups in my guitar but was then told that they wouldnt work well together. That certain pickups work with certain others. Example: Evo in bridge, Evo in Neck. Or Air norton in Neck, Tone Zone in bridge.

Would it be possible for lets say, an Evo in the bridge to work with an Air Norton? Or would there be a very undesirable effect to it. I saw a customized guitar with a P-90 in the neck, and EMG in the bridge earlier which made me question what I was told.

(I also checked the dimarzio site, it says some recommendations and such, I was just wondering about mixing and matching different types.)
I think most concerns are the volume differences with high output and low output combinations :0
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It has to do with output, you want them to be similar but the neck usually a little lower, For example if you had an evo in the bridge I believe you could put an air norton in the neck as it is medium output and the evo is high output, what you wouldn't want to do is put low output with high output, The guy with the p90 and the EMG probably doesn't use a setting where the pickups are both on as the EMG would drown the p90 in a second. He likely uses one at a time for different things.
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So its pretty much just the output I have to worry about?
And... would the differences in sound make a hideosly sounding effect? Or should any 2 pickups blend alright together? (as long as they are slightly lower output in the neck compared to bridge)
well eq has a bit to do with it too, some pickups are geared for mid scooping, some for boosting, use the pickup selector on the dimarzio web sight to make sure the eq's of the two do not negate eachother
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