I cant really get a good Flanger out of my amp and was womdering what Flanger pedal I should get? The most expensive I saw so far was the BOSS BF-3 Flanger.
why do you search for the most expensive one?
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wtf why would you search for the most expensive flange? anyway, i think the mxr evh flanger is one of the best.
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MXR and EHX make the best IMO. I prefer the MXR.
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nope it aint, get an ibanez flanger
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I have one of the danelectro flangers, the fab. They are pretty much a waste of money. Its not very intense and the knobs dont seem to do much. I replaced it with the Ibanez flanger. Considering the chip that goes in flangers is 14 bucks your not going to get much of a flanger for 30 bucks.
ive had 3 flangers to date, the behringer flanger, digitech turboflange and the boss bf-3, out of all of them, i really liked the boss flanger the best, though i have tried the mxr flanger, and its pretty damn good, boss is slightly digital in a way, but for what i use it for, thats what i wanted, mxr has a nice thick rich tone to it that boss just cant do, so check out the mxr flanger, id recommend that one, but also depending what you use it for
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my room mate has the boss bf-3 and doesnt really like it. he says he cant use it for anything but solos because it adds too much gain to the signal. he also doesnt really like the sound. ive heard that the bf-2 is better, but it can only be found used so i havent tried one.

so out of current production models, i personally would go for the ibanez fl-9. i really like the 9 series pedals and havent found one i didnt like. the line 6 flanger sounded pretty bad to me, the digitech was ok, and i cant remember the others ive tried and not liked. however, the two ehx electric mistress pedals are nice (stereo and deluxe). i prefered the deluxe cause it also has the filter which i found useful, but both sounded pretty good.