"Falling out in '95
We could never feel so alive
The wind whipping back across my face
Driving to a better place
But we're wondering where our home is at
Now it's down to this and that
Do we cross the world, the borderline
An ocean blue, a sky so fine
Or do I run across this empty space
Just to cry and see your face

If there's nothing left inside of here
Why don't you come back next year
Where I'm all too right and I love you sure
You can't help it with a heart so pure
I'm a runner running straight and true
Leaving all my loving up to you
You can throw away and turn around
But I'll run and keep my feet on the ground
So I can run around across this space
And so I can laugh, smile, and see your face"

yeah, this is my first post and personally, I think it's kinda sappy >.< but, it's something. the feel is supposed to be kinda acoustic and mellow (yellowcard, john mayerish?) hope you like it!