i tried to change some tunings to standard in some gnr tabs but even when i save the new gp file it still stays in drop tuning but it says the instruments are in standard tuning.....any way to fix this or find some standard gnr gp tabs ive searched everywhere....
did you transpose to the new tuning? if not then DO transpose and vice-versa and see if that fixes it.
i did it 2 ways and none worked.

1.opened the gp file changed the instruments to standard tuning then saved the new file....didnt work

2.i also tried to open a new gp file copied and pasted the gnr tag to the new file in standard tuning ....didnt work

so im all outta ideas the chords are right but are still being played half a step down
but when i click on the instrument it says its in standard tuning....anymore ideas
Please use the GP help sticky.
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