Check out my mp3, it's been uploaded to my profile.

It was recorded through an m-audio interface, not sure which one, into pro tools, on a mac!

Equipment I used were: guitar is a Haegstrom Super Swede Re-Issue, A Vox 30watt tube amp (mic'd), and I use an array of Digitech pedals, mostly the DF-7 distortion.

All distortion parts were done on my first try, so be nice when it comes to commenting on mistakes, as there were no punch ins and I wouldn't consider myself a real guitarist.... yet!

The clean part after the solo is where there will be a solo added. So far I consider these all just riffs, not a song yet, I am sure this one will change dramatically in the days to come. It is a canon style song where every riff can be played over top any other riff in the song without sounding muddy or out of tune.

Anyone care to comment on what style they think this is? A lot of people i've played this for seem to be reminded of the Beach Boys if they were a hard rock/metal band... But hey! That's cool with me!
I think its a VST plugin. Not sure which one though, i'll have to check with my older brother he handles all those things, he's a DJ.

And also notice, that after the intro it doesn't change a beat, hehe
The M-Audio interface seems to work quite well. Maybe I'll have to try one of those out.
I plays guitars.