Hey my band is looking for a singer. We're based in Ayr in Scotland (like an hour from Glasgow), we're between 14 and 16 and we desperately need a singer (I stress SINGER not SCREAMER). We're called Mr Grieves after the Pixies song and we've got a pretty eclectic sound that takes in most of our influences.

We've got a wide variety of influences. The guitarist (me) is into things like glassJAw, At The Drive-In etc, but also some metal like Opeth and ****. Our drummer loves stuff like Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins etc and our bassist is a metalhead into Killswitch and Devildriver and stuff.

www.myspace.com/mrgrievesmusic is a link to our myspace, there's one badly recorded musical demo up but we have about another 8 or 9 songs worth of music.

Feel free to comment here or PM me if you're interested and we can talk.

PS A lyricist would definately be helpful as we aren't great but if you can't write lyrics don't worry as long as you can sing.