hey im having trouble barring for a song... ( i probably murdered that word but its ok)
im playing a song where i have my index finger on the seventh fret of the a string, and i have my ring finger barred on the 9th fret of the D and G strings. when im barring, i cannot get a good sound out of the G string. any advice? im on 11 gauge strings btw if that matters
hi when i first started barring i also had the problem. Theres no real technique to it; if you are pressing down as hard as you can and try to flatten your finger, theres nothing more you can do except just practise them alot. Thats how i did it. Also are you just playing the 3 strings (or a powerchord) because if you are you could use your pinky on the G tring rather than barring it.
mmm id rather learn to barre it cuz its a technique ill always need, and i have this problem with a few songs in that area of the fretboard
you're not the only one, the G and/or B strings mute when I bar :/