This is my own cover of In flames - My Sweet shadow.

I think i composed it in my own style plus i composed it for a 7 string in A# Standard instead of In flames' Drop A#.
Plus i added a guitar/syth duet

Hope you likey
My sweet shadow.zip
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interesting interpretation of one of the better tracks from soundtrack. Best parts were the the pre-verse and chorus, as well as the verses, which were my favorite part. The main riff and chorus' might be better without the fast doublekick, give it more of a crescendo with a still constant but slower kick, 8ths or even quarter notes.
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I loved it! I imagine how good it would be with real instruments!
I will be trying to learn some of this on my guitar!
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That's the spirit!!
that sounds insanely sweet. I agree with burning raths (^) im gonna try learning this
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Ahh. A very good take on a great In Flames song.

One major thing that annoyed me was that the lead guitar is too loud. Maybe try putting it on 12-13 it might make the whole song sound better.

I really don't know what to Crit on. The synth was excellent. So ****ing great job there.

The Keyboard/Guitar solo was interesting. Sounded kickass, really.

Overall, the whole thing was great.
So good work

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That was properly fantastic, but man the sound of that brass ensembles is just annoying as all hell, so I changed it to sawtooth. I think you could have done some more interesting stuff with the chorus vocal melody, as the atmosphere it gives the chorus is what makes the song so great. I liked it a lot, though it's not really as different from the original as I had hoped it would be.

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