So, I want to play some Protest the Hero songs. So I decided to start in Heretics and Killers. This song is fairly difficult. I am even having trouble with the intro. These guys are pretty technical. Should I keep working on this song, or try another easier one. If so, please name another easier one I can try.
Be cool.
The best thing you can ever do is to really challenge yourself. Take your time with the song. Slow it down, take 5 minute breaks (really helps) Do whatever it takes.

Go for it, just don't get frustrated or sloppy.
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Agreed.. If a job is worth doing its not worth doing half arsed, just keep at it
keep at it man. Heretics And Killers is one badass song. I used to be able to play The Divine Suicide Of K. and Divinty Within before my wrist surgery.