I want to make an orchestra sound.

I used FL studio, but the legato isn't smooth enough, it immediately shifts notes and sounds awful.

Are there any programs that do what I am looking for, or does anyone know how to get FL studio to do what I want?
are the strings in FL a synth or a wav sample?

if its a synth, you can go into the channel settings and find the portamento function. turn it up just a bit, it pretty much adds a slide transition between each note.
I prefer the East West Symphonic Orchestra software for any ensemble strings I need.
I would do what allstrats says for the minute. It's very easy to do, and you can also try adjusting the attack and release to get a better sound. A longer attack will give you that smooth sound you're after.

Alternatively, there are a lot of sample sets on the market, such as Garritan Personal Orchestra, that you could use, but these are harder to get to grips with.
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I'd go against Garritan unless you cannot afford anything better...the sounds are weak.
There are some ok sounding ones I use - you'll have to google them.

Cellofan - good natural sounding single cello sound. has quite a small range of notes though.

DSK strings - good range of sounds, probably the best all round.