So, I just got a Ps3 (randomly) and I dont know what games to get.

I had $30 and bought a new copy of The Godfather (Don Edition)...

What should I get next? I plan on buying and pre-ordering MGS4: Guns of the Patriots.


(I have it HDMI hooked up, and I also have a 360 with CoD 4.)

No preferences, I just want to know whats good.
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1. put it back in box
2. return
3. buy xbox 360 + prg4/ halo3/ bioshock/ GoW
5. Profit

srsly though

on topic: Cod4/assassins creed
Good choice, your system will be working for more than a few months.

Orange Box ftw, or pre-order GTA IV.
COD4 ftw
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Armored Core 4, not an especially great armored core game overall, but its more fun than 99% of the other games out there imo.
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GTA4 and MGS4 are released soon.

other than them I'd say: COD:4, Oblivion, Burnout Paradise and Rainbow Six-Vegas.
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