Hey guys, i'm looking into buying an electric guitar for jazz, blues, and bossa nova. I've been looking into the Ibanez Artcore AF-series and was wondering if I should go for the AF95 as opposed to the AF75. I've read a lot of reviews on both guitars and they both seem to be really good guitars that are great bang for your buck type of guitars. Do you think it's worth it to pay extra for a AF95 or should I just stick with an AF75? Are they any other cheap good quality guitars that anyone might recommend?
The only difference i can see between the two are the inlays, price and finish; of course the hardware is a little different.

I, personally, like the AF95. The abalone inlays look too cool and the flamed maple top, back and sides are always cool to look at.

If you want to shell out another $100 for the AF95 be my guest. I would because it looks better.