Hey everyone,

So I have been interested in finding chord charts of various songs, from this site. Yesterday I printed a chart for "The Joker" and "Unholy Confessions". However, after trying to play them, I realized the notes in Unholy Confessions sounded totally different than what I was playing.
I believe this was because I was strumming all the strings, and it sounds like they only strum 1 or 2. How can I tell which strings to strum, from reading a chord chart?

in my opinion, chord charts aren't the way to go. they show you the chord shapes to have your left hand in, but aren't very exact.

use guitar tabs, they show you exactly how to play the songs. here's a tab for unholy confessions, it's a kick ass song btw, but may be a little advanced for you.

p.s. - i highly recommend guitar pro, it's a very useful program for tabs, and there are pretty much guitar pro tabs for every song there are online tabs.
Thanks. I guess your right, that guitar tabs are better. I am new in playing the guitar, so I still dont have much figured out lol. Yes, I am thinking the song is too advanced too.