I'm wanting to test the Laney VH100 and the Engl Screamer, however no music shops nearby stock either of these - im based in the Leeds/Sheffield area (UK) - the only local store is sound control and they stock neither of these

So does anyone know of anywhere relatively close by where I can test either of these? I only know of spectresound.co.uk - they have the ENGL, but they dont keep it in stock, just order it on request, so any help would be appreciated

Or ofc feel free to suggest similarly priced amps that are as versatile - i definately want more than 1 channel as i need to switch between clean and distortion easily
go to the amps website and hit "locate dealer"

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

forgot to check that for laney actually, but ENGL doesnt give much information at all the only suppliers website is quite out of date

EDIT: Laney suppliers list is quite out of date too, many of the listed retailers no longer exist
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When I wanted to try a Screamer I emailed some chap from the distributor's website, and he replied giving me the address of the nearest store to me stocking ENGLs. Ended up going to Bristol (not too far from me) and buying one

So yeah, email the distributor and you should get an up-to-date response. Then check with the store to make sure they have the right amp/s in stock.
I think I saw an engl in rikkaxe in bristol a couple of months ago. Not really close though.
Rikkaxe is awsome!
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why not just email the two companies?
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thanks for the help, will see if emailing them both has more luck than their websites..