I didn't know so I thought about asking you guys.

What part of the world (country) sees the sun first? I know that there's always sun shining on some part of the world which confused me, so he re-asked it like this...

Which part of the world celebrated New Years first?
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doesnt australia experiance the new year 1st
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i think thats the observatory in london since its marked as a longitude of 0
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The sun rises in the east, so I'm guessing whatever country is furthest East while being closest to the International Date Line.
Somewhere in the south pacific/ Micronesia
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whoevers closest to the international dateline
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Since I'm always finding excuses to celebrate, it was probably me...

If it's New Years in China, I'm having a beer!
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there's an island where the Prime Miridean cuts right through, my cousin got married there saying he wanted to be the first one of that day to get married...I forgot the island though...but this just hit me...the answer is: The ones who wake up first.
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Japan. They're even called "Land of the Rising Sun".

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Since I'm always finding excuses to celebrate, it was probably me...

If it's New Years in China, I'm having a beer! [/QUOT

to the dude who wrote this. is that pic a dog?
Florida. old people get up hella-early

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new zealand. NZ has daylight savings during new year so it sees it an hour earllier than the other countries in its time zone, I think (correct me if im wrong)