Ok I tuned my guitar down to C# (or what I believe to be C#)
I did it without a tuner like this.

First got 8th fret E string and made it an inhamoric equalivent to open A

then went down to 5th fret E string made the A hamoric equalivent to that
E----5---------------------------- (Actually C# now)

Then I kept on going like usual
E----5---------------------------- (Actually C# now)

Catch my drift?
Well I think it's right
My brother says it's completly off
Even though I had the Midi from Powertab match the tone

What do you think?
And my brother has an "Ultimate-Guitar" understanding off Music theory
I don't what these dumba***s on UG are saying
But he had this really weird understanding of theory
I had to straighten him out
You tabbed it upside-down. We usually read it E then A from the bottom.

No problem though, you did it right, started off as you would do when tuning to Drop D, just moving down one more. That's how I do it too!
you're right man, 8th fret on either e stiring would be a C# or a Db so find the relative tone to that on any other string (say 4th fret on A) and down tune the low e to that. The, from there tune relative to the low e (5,5,5,4,5)
Grammar Nazi.
Oh, I did tab it upside down lol

Thanks for your help guys.
I knew I was right