i believe i use shoe wax. not sure though
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just breath on it and wipe it with a cloth it works also u can use spit
rub some icy hot on it

no sorry

i use furniture polish, but thats probably bad. you can buy guitar polish.

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well what are you polishing? the body? fretboard? hardware?

for the fretboard i usually just use furniture polish. for the body i just do the "breathe and wipe" method as explained before.

im still trying to figure out what to use on hardware like by bridge. i palmmute too much and there is gunk building up on it. ughk.
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furniture polish ftw.
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add that:
i use..........guitar polish :/
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i use a kit i got on a store
its a gibson pump polish and a yellow soft cloth

gibson has some productos for clean freatboard, body and strings
Buy the Fender instrument care kit - it works wonders. It's designed by Meguiars, and they make fantastic car-care products (and now fantastic guitar-care products, too). Furniture polish probably does a good job, but my advice is to go with a product that is specifically designed for guitars, like Fender's product.
I use Gibson cleaning products, but I think I'm going to get the Dunlop pack next though.

The Gibson guitar cleaning products are pretty good, but the string conditioner doesn't work that well. And I hear Dunlop has really good stuff, so I'm gonna try that out next.