I've been playing since December with an Ibanez Gio (Starter Pack kinda thing). Since I have friends who are fairly experienced with instruments and stuff, I swapped the lame amp that it came with for a Line 6 Spider III 15w for practicing few weeks after. I get some remarks that the Gio is the Squire of Ibanez and that it's a newbie guitar. No worries, that's fine. I'm new at playing. I learned major scales, chords, and a repertoire of songs and four months in, and I have enough money saved up for a Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 G-400 Electric Guitar (Heritage Cherry).

Should I buy it? Is it too early?
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Save up for a better amp would be my rec.

Yeah. I'm thinking that once I have my money spent on on the guitar, I can start saving up for a half stack or something like that. I do have plans to play together with some of my friends.
In which case amp comes first. You already have a decent amount of money, keep saving.
yeah save up for a better amp first...it doesnt have to be a half stack...thats only needed for gigs, you can just get a small solid state or small tube amp for a better price...plus, it wont sound "digitally" like your spider.
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Get the guitar if you really feel compelled, but when you finally get around to buying amps do LOTS of research, it took me over 2 weeks when I thought I had the perfect amp already picked out.