I've been reading that replacing the preamp tube on a Valvetronix amp marginally improves the tone, so I wanted to try it out, but I'm having problems getting the back off. I've gotten all the screws on the back and sides off, but I can't pull the back panel off. I have a small shim, but I don't want to crack anything. Am I supposed to pull the whole back panel off? I think I've completely loosened up the control panel, though.
So... I keep hearing this tearing sound as I try to shim this off. Does anyone have any advice as to how to not wreck the casing as I open this?
I had some great advice, since I took apart my AD15VT a year or so ago, but I forgot. Google "opening valvetonix" and see what's happening?
Its just a little wedged in and the tolex is a bit stuck together. The first time i opened up my AD30VT i got that sound...but it was fine. Of course if you do open it and it does rip....I take no responsibility for it haha...
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